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Welcome to Merci Bouquet!

I spent most of my childhood in the beautiful and verdant country of Costa Rica. I had amazing experiences exploring the country with my family through the mountains and cloud forests and then down dusty roads through sleepy beachside villages.

A staple in our weekend road trips was seeking out “Gallo Pinto” (black beans and rice) and roadside flower carts. Local farmers would line the side of the road with crates brimming with the most vibrant blooms I had ever seen in my young life. As the oldest my mother gave me the privilege of creating a bouquet to bring home. I could never resist the blazing orange of the Birds of Paradise or the flamboyant purple of the orchids. Later in life I was lucky enough to bring my husband to Costa Rica on multiple surfing trips where we would stay in tiny inns whose walls were covered in electric pink bougainvillea . To this day I can’t pass by a display of exotic flowers at the grocery store without being reminded of sitting with my hubby on the dark sand beach holding hands watching the sunset.




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